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Air Freight

Time of all air freight must be landed on time, Cargo Services Courier Company are here for safety. Goods transported by air also have the advantage of high-speed, time-sensitive shipments to anywhere in the world.

Ocean Freight

Land shipment are shipped on different time and different location, base on the consignment. And every customers or agent are to ensure to settle his or her consignments on every location. And therefore they should follow the tracking number to enable then to know his consignments due date.

Road Freight

All road freight are secured and intact, Cargo Services Courier Company we delivered all necessary freight on every location on a given date. customers are to ensure to follow the tracking number for proper monitoring. And CSC will also in contact to the recipient on a time prompt

Document And Parcel

All your document are safe for delivering. Cargo Services Courier Company ensure the document and parcel get to the rightful destination.

Container Recovery

With Container recovery team, helps you to recover your goods and service shipped to the rightful location.

Ware House

Cargo Services Courier Company ware house help the customers to find and store all his freight to different location.

Shipment Request form

We attend to all your consignment accordingly, as a matter of fact we expect our customers to fill form along with his or her tracking number to enable us to verify the consigment easily. 

Since we started operating, all our customers have not having issues with us, and we make every shipment easier to then.